Our Product List

Indian Rosewood Fingerboards

We make guitar fingerboards in Rosewood and Ebony. Rosewood Grade A : This is a super quality guitar fingerboard made from natural forest logs with nice color and straight grained wood.

Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Quality depends on whether they crack the sides during bending process. Sides that are not quarter as they can crack easily during bending process. Exotic backs we can find flat cut sides, those would be perfect for these backs..

Guitar/Violin Bridges/Pegs

Indian rosewood bridges are the most popular choice for guitar manufactures .The tone is better because of its lighter weight .It is more stable .We make Violin Pegs, End pin and Chin-rest.

Indian Rosewood Jewel Box & Handicrafts

In order to protect your jewelry order an Indian Rosewood Jewel Box which is strong and durable embossed with brass designs. Indian Rosewood across the globe known for its durability, natural rich grains, and longevity