Rosewood Back & Sides Benefits

Rosewood is always the number one wood for high end musical instruments like the Guitar Back and Sides..


It is resistant to wear and tear as it is a very hard wood. It can withstand stress of regular use.

Versatile Properties

Rosewood guitar suitable for strumming, picking and fingerstyle.

Tonal Quality

It has got good tonal quality .


It has beautiful grain patterns making it visually attractive.

Product Line

Indian Rosewood Fingerboards
Fingerboards Sizes
Guitar Back & Sizes
530 x 70/60 x 9mm
700 x 70/60 x 9mm
550-610 x 215 x 5mm
550 x 70 x 9 mm
720 x 90/70 x 9mm
520-540 x 200-210 x 5mm
500 x 70/60 x 9 mm
750 x 110/80 x 9mm
840-860 x 120 up x 5mm