About our Products

Fingerboards: We make guitar fingerboards in Rosewood and Ebony. We make the fingerboards as per customer requests. Rosewood Grade A : This is a super quality guitar fingerboard made from natural forest logs. The material has nice color and straight grained wood. This is a material that is made from plantation logs. The fingerboards will have good color, straight but wide grains.

Bridge Blanks: Bridge transfers the sound from strings to the soundboard of the guitar. The bridge functions as a place to tie the guitar’s strings. When the guitar produces sound, the bridge rocks back and forth as the vibration of the strings pulls and pushes on the bridge. This rocking causes the soundboard to move and amplify the vibration of the string to something that the audience can hear. Wood choices for the bridge would be rosewood

Violin Fingerboard,Tail piece, chin rest,end pin pegs, nuts and saddle. We make these chinrests in three woods namely Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood. We offer you with various violin fittings in ebony and rosewood. We can offer you fittings in complete sets as well as per your requirements. We also offer sets which consists of 1 Pc Chinrest, 1 Pc Tailpiece, 4 Pcs Pegs, 1 Pc Endpin.